Executive search services at board and leadership level

Borne out of a desire to see search done well every time, we underpin all interventions with rigour, data and clarity. All information is shared with our clients – there’s nothing opaque, no mystery to our process.

We focus on innovation and diversity in our mapping, true partnership with our clients to get the best results and we only recommend search if all other talent solutions have been considered.

Why us?

Innovative Solutions

We are renowned for our innovative talent acquisition solutions. We pride ourselves on our speed and agility throughout the delivery of a project and our dedication to customer service is of the highest level. All our processes are underpinned by data and rigour, demonstrating expertise and best practice.

Looking Internally

Most importantly, we believe that search should be considered a final option when it comes to talent replacement. We work with clients to consider other solutions (and particularly, fast-tracking and developing internal candidates who have potential through our Areté Lab) before a search commences.

Market Understanding

In every search, diversity in our market mapping translates to ‘diversity of thought’ on our shortlists and in our placements. Only the very best candidates are presented for a role, however defining ‘best’ comes from a true understanding of the market and the competitor landscape, coupled with our client’s strategy, culture and vision.

Results Focussed

Through partnership and challenge we help clients redefine what talent must look like for the future, and search becomes a proactive solution that underpins this decision making, rather than a reaction to an empty seat.